Retail Wholesale Directs Destination
Excila Retail voice provides very high quality worldwide voice termination through a single connection to Excila’s network Via TDM or IP. It’s a cost effective way for traffic direction to the specified destination using Excila’s extensive coverage. Excila Retail provides premium quality termination to either hard to reach or hard to maintain destinations. Our Retail Product is specially designed to suit retail providers who have a limited termination pool or limited routing resources. Since we route directly to either an incumbent carrier/PTT or a highly screened, locally interconnected carrier we guarantee high quality retail termination.
Excila utilizes sophisticated Least Cost Routing (LCR) techniques to ensure that :
  • Customers can easily access top tier A-Z VoIP carriers for retail class termination
  • Customers get the most optimized cost:quality ratio routing of VoIP calls
  • Customers can choose A-Z VoIP routes where quality is never compromised
You can choose your own routing depth, Which means you choose the number of carriers you need for each code. If a call fails on the first carrier, it is immediately re-attempted on second and third and so on, till the call becomes successful. Select with the ratios between ASR, ACD, PDD and rates. Your account manager would get back to you with a rate sheet based on the above parameters.

The final rate sheet would be as follows:
  1. Routing priority according to the QoS.
  2. All routing tables will be updated every 6 hours, changing the priorities upon the Best ASR, ACD & PDD within the requested routing depth.
  3. Contact an account manager to discuss your requirements further.
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